"When do I receive my reading / What if my reading is late?"

- 7 Day Express Readings: within 7 days 30 BUSINESS DAYS (WEEKENDS ARE NOT INCLUDED)

- Normal Intense Readings: can take up to 30 BUSINESS DAYS (WEEKENDS ARE NOT INCLUDED). if you have not received your reading, contact me from the 31st business day.

Sometimes readings can take a total of 6 weeks to arrive because life happens. I have a large client waiting list,I'm a student studying psychology and counselling so unfortunately, there has to be a wait due to my life outside of astrology. There could be a logical explanation for lateness. Please don't be upset, angry, or passive. Communication is key. I use technology and as we know its not always reliable. Also check your junk mail. If you have emailed me once already regarding the status of your reading and I replied, don't email me again, please be patient, it is on the way. Spiritual work can take time, energy, and is an energy exchange. I have never ran off with a clients money. I have been late delivering readings before due to life happenings which I am not always in control of. Thank You!

"How do i get in contact with you?"

- I don't have a contact form because people have abused the form of contact so unfortunately, I have had to only to communicate with clients regarding readings, or business enquiries. People who have booked readings with me will be able to contact me directly. 

"What are the readings like?"

- There is a description of each reading service under each individual product. My readings are all sent as a with its own personal link as a VOICE RECORDING which is downloadable from Google drive. I speak through positions, aspects, purpose, karmic debts, emotional release, and fulfilment. Transforming your weaknesses into strengths.


"I don't know my time of birth, can I still get a reading?"

- No. If your dating someone who knows their birth time and would like a synastry then YES. but birth chart readings without a time of birth NO.


"Do you offer teaching classes?"

- Not at the moment but I will be soon. Subscribe to the website to keep up to date! I am currently making a Intense Astrology Course which I aim to launch in August 2019!


"Do you send PDF readings?"

- Yes. You can order one in the collections. 


"I live in another country, can I pay in my currency?"

- Of course. In the top of the website, there is a currency button. If your currency is not there, I advise you to head over to google currency exchange to use the "currency converter" to see how much 'British Pounds Sterling' compare to your currency. Whatever you pay via PayPal or Card payments will show up in your account under your chosen currency. 




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