Honey Trap Astro Podcast

Honey Trap Astro Podcast

 Episodes will be uploaded weekly!

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Fertility in Astrology - Ep #19 

The Tea On Predictive Astrology - Episode #18 

The Elements and Grand Trines - episode #17 

 Parents and Family Dynamics - Episode #16


Major Life Transits and Death In astrology - Episode #15

Why you need to look out for Venus and the Moon when picking a spouse - Episode #14


Finding/Understanding Karma In The Birth Chart - Episode #13

Jupiter in Capricorn - Episode #12 

Don't expect everyone to believe Astrology - Episode #11 

Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio Tea - Episode #10

The Importance of Self Care - Episode #9 


Pluto Aspects Natal and Synastry - Episode #8 


 Subscriber Question: Placements for Sexual Promiscuity in Astrology - Episode #7


Subscriber Question: How do you know if someone is Transgender in Astrology; Masculine and Feminine planets - Episode #6



 Live Solar Return Reading For a Client - Episode #5


Saturn Square Personal Planets - Episode #4


 Autism and Depression - Episode #3


 Dreams in Astrology - Episode #2


Sexual Abuse - Episode #1

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